Young Medical Spa in Center Valley is proud to offer patients an innovative new dermal filler that can effectively address wrinkles and folds around the mouth and gently plump the lips to provide a more youthful appearance. young- restylane

Restylane® Silk has been recently FDA approved for use as a dermal filler for patients over the age of 21 who have wrinkles and folds around the mouth or desire to enhance the fullness of their lips. It is the first and only dermal filler available today for enhancing the lips. This unique product can provide natural looking results that will boost both your smile and your sense of confidence. Restoring moisture to treated areas, Restylane® Silk can also give your skin a healthier glow as it reverses the sagging and thinning of the tender skin around the mouth that naturally occurs with age.

The lips can begin to lose volume as we age, appearing more wrinkled and dry over time. Restylane® Silk restores subtle fullness and smoothness that will enhance the appearance of the lips and reduces the appearance of those fine lines and folds around the mouth without giving that “over-plumped” look. Patients can expect to see visible results within a couple of weeks that can last for 6 months or more!

Choosing the right cosmetic doctor

Young Medical Spa was one of the first providers selected to work with this new dermal filler product during the clinical trial period. Therefore, our injectors, Dr. Young and Nurse Practitioners Judy Walls and Lisa Keller, have developed a tremendous amount of experience with this new and innovative dermal filler product. You are in good hands when you choose Young Medical Spa, a Lehigh Valley cosmetic treatment center founded on providing the most effective products and procedures available today in a warm, respectful environment staffed by highly trained and experienced practitioners.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns and learn more about how we can help you achieve your personal goals.

Young Medical Spa, a comprehensive cosmetic treatment center serving the Lehigh Valley and greater Philadelphia area with two convenient locations, would like to extend a sincere “thank you” to the many loyal patients who voted our founder, Dr. Thomas E. Young, “Leading Aesthetic Physician” in the 2015 Who’s Who in Business for the Lehigh Valley.

I am extremely humbled and very much appreciative of your confidence in me and the support you show for the entire staff of Young Medical Spa.”
Dr. Thomas E. Young

who who leading aesthetic physician_thomas young mdFor the fifth consecutive year Dr. Young has been recognized for his dedication to offering patients cutting edge treatments and procedures in a warm, compassionate environment.

Young Medical Spa in Center Valley is home to a team of highly trained and experienced physicians and staff who seek to offer patients the opportunity to improve their health, appearance and self confidence with a wide range of skin, body and hair treatments. During a consultation, patients are made to feel welcome, respected and able to discuss their concerns and goals.

In addition to minimally invasive surgical procedures for tummy tucks, face, eye and neck lifts, Young Medical Spa also offers the latest in non-surgical options for many desirable treatments. Dr. Young is a premiere provider of CoolSculpting®, a non-invasive treatment for stubborn fat. He is also a certified provider of the Vampire Facelift, a lasting alternative to dermal fillers.

The winter months are the perfect time to schedule a procedure or treatment that will rejuvenate both your skin and your confidence!

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Young Medical Spa and learn more about how a cosmetic treatment can help you achieve your personal goals or the look you desire.

At Young Medical Spa in Center Valley, we don’t believe in a “new you” because we like the old you just fine!

We were founded by Dr. Thomas Young with the purpose of offering patients high quality medical aesthetic treatments and procedures in a relaxing, comfortable setting where they can feel free to address cosmetic concerns that can affect overall self image. We want to help patients achieve personal goals when it comes to their appearance so they can rediscover the self confidence that allows them to be who they truly are!

512253945Dr. Young and his associates bring years of training and experience to their medical spa, providing body, face, skin and hair treatments that can restore a more youthful look and often improve overall health.


Complimentary Cosmetic Consultations

Young Medical Spa in Center Valley offers complimentary consultations where patients can discuss concerns and goals while learning about treatment options that can offer the solution they are looking for. In today’s economy, it’s difficult to get free advice that’s actually good for you, so you have nothing to lose!

Here is a sampling of our wide range of cosmetic treatments:

  • Coolsculpting: Young Medical Spa is a Premier Provider of this exciting procedure which was named “Best Body Treatment” 2014 by New Beauty Magazine. Freeze away unwanted, stubborn fat with little to no down time.
  • Silhouette lift: this minimally invasive, non surgical facelift procedure can take years off of your face in about an hour.
  • IPL photofacial: treat freckles, melasma, sun spots, age spots, broken capillaries on the face (called telangiectasia), enlarged pores, wrinkles and other concerns with this popular skin treatment.
  • Neograft: this revolutionary, non-surgical hair loss treatment can help restore your hair and your confidence.

Whatever your concern, we have the solution for you at Young Medical Spa! We pride ourselves on being first in the region to offer new innovative technologies proven to give results. Schedule a consultation today and rediscover your natural beauty and confidence.

The cold, drier winter weather also brings a drop in humidity that can leave our skin feeling and looking dry and irritated.

Dr. Young recently appeared on Channel 69 News at Sunrise to offer several recommendations to address dry skin and help you maintain a healthy, glowing complexion throughout the winter months.

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Tips for dry skin

  • Increase your home’s humidity with a humidifier: humidity should be around 40% to reduce the effects of dry, cold air on the skin.
  • Skip the long, hot shower: the combination of hot water and soap reduces moisture in the skin and exacerbates winter dryness.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize: immediately replace lost moisture after a shower with a good moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type. Young Medical Spa in Center Valley offers a signature line of cosmoceuticals and your doctor or esthetician can recommend which is best for you.

If you have patches of dry, red skin that persist or become larger, schedule a visit with Dr. Young to determine the cause and address any health issues to avoid skin damage and restore your complexion.

Winter skin Treatments

Winter time is also a great time to consider rejuvenating your skin and reversing damage caused by exposure to the sun and environmental elements. There are a variety of laser skin treatments available that can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun during the healing process, making the winter months a perfect time to schedule them.

During a consultation, Dr. Young or one of his highly trained and experienced Licensed Estheticians can discuss the best options for you, taking into consideration your skin’s condition, cosmetic goals, time and budget. Treat yourself this holiday season to a skin treatment that will restore health to your skin and give you back that youthful, radiant glow.

Young Medical Spa hosted a Patient Appreciation Party on Friday, November 7th at the Iron Lakes Country Club in Allentown, PA for both loyal and prospective patients. The evening was filled with great food and beverages, prizes, entertainment, wonderful vendors, gift baskets and best of all- HUNDREDS of beautiful, smiling clients who enjoyed sharing the evening with old friends, new friends and the staff of Young Medical Spa.IMG_6688

IMG_6695Our founder, Dr. Thomas E. Young spent time mingling with patients, enjoying the festivities and awarding some of the fabulous prizes up for grabs that evening. Dr. Young founded the Young Medical Spa with the goal of creating individualized treatment plans, emphasizing a personal clinician-client relationship and offering the most advanced treatment options to patients in the Lehigh Valley and greater Philadelphia area.

Guests enjoyed getting a jump start on holiday fashions, new trends and a little shopping with some of our local boutique vendors who offered everything from jewelry to makeup lessons:

Special discounts and on-site consultations added to the personal attention each guest was able to receive throughout the evening. The Young Medical Spa staff was joined by several product representatives who could answer questions, discuss treatment options and share in the experiences of our clients, many of whom have found their cosmetic procedure to be life changing!

IMG_6682A big thank you to all who participated in this inaugural event as well as to those who attended. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year and continuing to provide the cosmetic treatments and procedures that rejuvenate you, enhance your natural beauty and help you to look as young as you feel!

In the spirit of “thanks” and “giving”, we are throwing a party for our patients to show our appreciation for them! We are inviting all of our patients – and a guest- to join us for a night of music, food, drinks and fun while mingling with our staff and taking chances on a wide variety of prizes- including a $3,000 Grand Prize giveaway!

Our founder, Dr. Thomas Young will be joined by present staff and our new plastic surgery partners: Dr. Richard Goldfarb, Dr. Aaron Shapiro and Dr. David Silberman. This is the perfect opportunity to meet and greet with these leading physicians and book a future procedure at special pricing.

Relax, speak with other patients, get answers to your questions on treatments and enjoy showing off your own new look!

There will be a fashion show featuring SophistiKate Fashions and Bella Jewelry for some new seasonal looks to inspire you! Local make up artist Lori Smith will also be on hand for tips and the perfect make up to enhance your natural beauty. Find that perfect ensemble for the upcoming holiday season and schedule a skin rejuvenating treatment or cosmetic procedure that will give you the look you have always wanted.

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Party Details

Please join us from 7-10 PM, Friday, November 7, 2014 at Iron Lakes Country Club in Allentown for this special evening dedicated to YOU! At Young Medical Spa, we are grateful for our patients and the opportunity to provide them with life changing treatments and rejuvenating skin care that enhances their natural beauty and boosts their confidence in their appearance.

Reserve your Golden ticket

RSVP today: contact one of our offices or email or We look forward to seeing you there!

As we age, the skin begins to lose its collagen and elasticity and also thins, exposing the damage caused by sun exposure and other environmental factors. Aging skin also takes longer to repair itself and regenerate new cells.

Young Medical Spa in Center Valley offers skin rejuvenation treatments and products that can help reduce the signs of aging. Skin rejuvenation enables the skin to regenerate new, healthy cells to restore a more youthful glow and address the effects of sun exposure and daily “wear and tear” experienced by the skin.

An important first step is a non-invasive treatment called Microdermabrasion. This quick and relatively painless skin treatment effectively breaks up the top layer of the skin where dead cells, dirt and oils can become trapped, causing the cells beneath to activate healing and in the process of doing so, regenerate new, healthy cells that will renew and refresh the surface of the skin. As a result of this process, the skin is also able to absorb moisture in the form of hydrating and rejuvenating skin creams which can accelerate the healing process as well as produce a healthier surface layer that has reduced signs of aging.

Patients who receive several Microdermabrasion treatments at specific intervals of time can visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes and dark spots on the skin as healthy skin growth is encouraged and supported with both multiple treatments and professional skin care products.

513959897Young Medical Spa uses a crystal free, diamond tip for Microdermabrasion which offers excellent results with less discomfort during treatment and no “crystal residue” afterwards. Highly effective, the diamond tip is able to penetrate the upper layers of the skin and produce desired results in a gentler fashion.

Microdermabrasion can be used on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, feet or back. While there are several over the counter versions of this skin rejuvenation, optimal results are achieved when administered by a licensed and experienced esthetician. Young Medical Spa is home to a team of skin care experts who can analyze your skin and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your skin type and personal cosmetic goals.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about our services and products that can turn back the clock on aging and restore a healthier glow to your appearance!

During the summer months, our skin is exposed to some of the harshest environmental elements, often for extended periods of time. The sun’s UV rays are the strongest during these summer months making sunscreen and skincare paramount to maintaining healthy skin that resists aging.484166929

Young Medical Spa is home to a team of skin care specialists who offer their expertise and a wide variety of skin care treatments to help you maintain that youthful glow. This month, we are offering some of our most popular treatments at a special price, so take advantage of this opportunity to sample our variety of facial and body treatments that will have you looking and feeling your best.

For the face..

Cool down with a Blueberry Ice Cream Facial this month- with a special offer price of $95 this anti-aging blend of blueberries, glycolic and salicylic acids and the firming and nourishing effects of goji and yogurt will rejuvenate your skin and help erase some of the damage caused by daily exposure to the elements.

Improve the appearance and the function of your skin with a Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion treatment: $250 for a package of 3 (save $50). This procedure is perfect for removing dead skin cells that can clog pores and lead to blemishes. Crystal Free Microdermabrasion rejuvenates the skin by improving circulation and promoting collagen production.

For the body..

Treat your legs to a sclerotherapy treatment and reduce the visibility of spider, reticular and some varicose veins- save $100 off a package of 3 treatments. Enjoy wearing shorts and skirts again after a series of treatments that will collapse unsightly veins and have your legs looking and feeling younger!

Tired of shaving this summer? Take advantage of August savings on laser hair removal: purchase a single treatment, or any package of treatments, and receive 25% off your purchase price (offer not to exceed $800 off any package price or single procedure.)

Taking care of our skin is a top priority when it comes to reducing the evidence of aging and keeping a youthful, healthy glow.

Teaching good skin care and hygiene to teens can lay the foundation for lifelong healthy skincare habits and can also reduce the effects of sun exposure, makeup use and other lifestyle habits that directly affect the skin. Our experienced estheticians can teach young teens the proper way to cleanse and hydrate their skin as well as how to exfoliate clogged pores and remove makeup to minimize the occurrence of breakouts.

At Young Medical Spa® in Center Valley, we offer a wide range of both skin care treatments and products, many of which are suitable for young skin and can minimize acne and associated scarring. 496600703

YoungMD PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE is a line of cosmeceuticals created for Dr. Young and produced exclusively for Young Medical Spa®. Created for Dr. Young, this skin care line was developed to reduce existing damage and protect the skin. Combined with one of the many skin rejuvenation treatments available in our Center Valley office, our skin care line can provide an excellent line of defense against the forces of aging and the environment.

July Special Offers

Jump start a healthy skin care routine for either you or your teen by taking advantage of our July special offers:

Save 10% on a Package of 3 IPL Treatments and Receive 25% Off Our Medical Grade Skin Care Products!
Rejuvenate your skin by clearing unwanted pigment and blood vessels while improving the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores with our IPL photo facial treatments! Complement your treatments and help to maintain your results by adding our medical grade skin care products to your daily routine at a 25% discount! These fantastic products work with your skin to target the most troublesome skin conditions from acne and Rosacea to sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentation.
(Center Valley and Lansdale offices only)

Lemon Meringue Facial for only $95!
Indulge your complexion with the brightening effects of lemon and the nourishing properties of Goji berries and yogurt! Natural lighteners and a boost of antioxidants give this facial the lightening and brightening capabilities to leave your skin refreshed and radiant!

For many people, hair loss can be an emotional experience, affecting their self confidence and making them begin to feel older or less attractive.

NeoGraft™ offers those who have lost hair or have a receding hairline the opportunity to restore their hair with no sutures, staples and minimal downtime!

A premiere provider of this breakthrough technology for hair restoration, Young Medical Spa offers the FDA approved NeoGraft™ procedure in all office locations serving the Philadelphia area and the Lehigh Valley. Dr. Victor M. Otero, a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), has dedicated many hours to education and experience in the field of hair restoration and brings his expertise to Young Medical Spa, offering patients the minimally invasive NeoGraft™ Hair Loss Treatment for the best possible results that look and feel natural.

The NeoGraft™ process involves harvesting of individual hair follicles from the donor that are transplanted into the desired area- there is no need for a scalpel with this procedure and patients experience little pain or discomfort- and there is no linear scarring, a common result of more traditional transplantation methods.

Hair loss affects both men and women:

Although we tend to associate hair loss with the male population, women can also suffer from hair loss for a variety of reasons and frequently find it more devastating to deal with than their male counterparts. NeoGraft™ offers women an option for hair restoration that has many benefits and will allow them to wear a variety of hairstyles after treatment- including shorter styles!

If you have experienced hair loss and would like to discuss your options, schedule a consultation at one of our locations.