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Frequently Asked Questions about CoolSculpting at Young Medical Spa

Am I a CoolSculpting candidate?

If you struggle with stubborn fat, but you are near your ideal body weight, CoolSculpting may be right for you. CoolSculpting is ideal for diet and exercise resistant fat. This treatment is not meant to be a weight loss solution; it reduces inches, not weight. This treatment is for those who want to “re-contour” their body through gradual fat reduction.

How many treatments are necessary for optimal results?

While improvements with CoolSculpting can be seen after one session, a series of treatments may be necessary for optimal results. The amount of treatments depends on the area being treated.

When can I see results?

Slight improvements can be seen in as little as three weeks, although individual results may vary. Dramatic results are typically seen up to four months after treatment, however the body continues to diminish the frozen fat cells up to six months.

How long do results last?

CoolSculpting reduces fat cells within the body, however, it is important to live a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise regimen to maintain long-lasting results.

Are there any side effects associated with CoolSculpting?

During treatment, patients may experience a numbing sensation. After treatment, slight swelling, redness, or bruising may occur.

How can I begin CoolSculpting at Young Medical Spa?

For more information and to get started with CoolSculpting, schedule your complimentary consultation by calling one of our offices listed below, or by using our convenient online appointment request form.

To request an appointment at our Center Valley office, call 610.798.7546. To request an appointment at our Lansdale office, call 215.362.7546.

“I had CoolSculpting done and the results are amazing!! I feel fantastic in my new body. The staff is wonderful, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” -Anonymous
“I absolutely loved my Coolsculpting results! I was very well informed and knew I needed to wait a few months to really see the results. I made sure I drank plenty of water and walked each day to help the progress. The team at Young medspa really guided me through the process. I’ll be going back for my inner thighs next! – anonymous” -Anonymous
“I had cool sculpting done and the results are amazing!! I feel fantastic in my new body. The staff is wonderful, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. – Anonymous
“Very satisfied with the latest procedure of Cool Sculpting. Young’s Medical Spa staff are wonderful and very professional and caring. – Cheryle